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Gym Policies

We cover a lot at the whiteboard at the top of the class, if you are late you will be lost, which will ruin your workout. IF you are late get right in there and mimic what you see going on! Don’t make it a habit.

You have paid us to coach you so let us coach you. If we are asking you to do something you don’t understand, say so. Communicate with the coach. A coach can teach you three different ways:

  • by giving an example of what they want,
  • they can tell you with “WORDS”, and
  • they can give you targets to hit or tactile cues.

We are here for you. Help us help you.  

We are a community – get to know your neighbors and your coach. This starts with your name. You might need to spell it out for us at the board so that we have it right.

This is a CrossFit tradition. We don’t break down our equipment until everyone is done. We cheer on others, we help motivate them by working with them so they have a pacer and a motivator. One day you will be the last one and you will not want to be left behind.

Dropping an empty bar bends the bar and makes it not freely turn. Be gentle when you put an empty barbell down. Dropping a light bar under 95lbs bounces and breaks bumper plates. If it bounces into someone it could seriously injure them. It can also injure you! It can bounce right back up and jam your finger or chip a tooth. It happens, ask a coach.

No dropping empty bars, wipe down your machine, put up your stuff.

Be aware of your surroundings. If someone has a set up on the floor they have staked a claim to that area don’t poach their equipment. The bike and the rower is the hardest one so unless you got it out ask around “Is this someone’s?”

Clean up after yourself and your child. We have a room for kids to hang out in. There is no supervision, toys or books. Bring your child’s entertainment with you and then take it with you when you leave. If they bring food or drinks you are responsible for the clean up of those things.

You can scream, cuss, cry, go to your happy place, bleed or even rest…just don’t quit.  

We love questions. Ask away! Take the information we give you and use it, try it, and work with it.